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Orange Dot Welcomes You

Welcome to Orange Dot. Feel the energy, take the journey, get inspired! Orange Dot offers a wide range of high quality programs for mom and baby.  Our signature programs include; Prenatal 101, Postnatal Buttkickin', I'm a mommy, Broadway Babies, Musical Movers and TripleDot Playschool. For the past 17 years Orange Dot has provided a wonderful place where moms and babies can grow, learn and connect with others going through the same journey.

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About Lucy Benayon B.A.Psych

Certified Childbirth Educator

Dr. Shefali Conscious Parenting Coach

Founded by Lucy Benayon in 2004, Orange Dot has continued to support and inspire families in Toronto. Orange Dot was conceived 17 years ago when Lucy was home caring for her first child Benjamin, and realized that women were ill-prepared and misinformed about the most important time of their lives; the arrival of their first child. Lucy has had three more children Liam, Hudson and Rami and made it her life's work to provide as much real information about the big day as possible. Once these women returned with their newborn babies in the 'I'm a Mommy!' program, it became clear the Prenatal 101 program was working. Women were more comfortable, more informed, which made for better birthing experiences. 

Trained as a dancer and personal trainer, she knew she could make women feel alive again after baby. Lucy has trained hundreds of women through her infamous Pre and Postnatal workouts over the last 15 years. The results have been transformative for her clients. ​

Being a trained professional performer (dancer, singer, actor) from Randolph Academy of the Performing Arts and York University coupled with a passion for children's literature and literacy, Lucy conceptualized an innovative, original program for babies and toddlers. Orange Dot's high energy Broadways Babies, Musical Movers and TripleDot Playschool programs will rock you and your babies' world. Come see what all the hype's about!

Feel the energy, take the journey, get inspired!

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Your Journey starts here...

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Prenatal 101

Being pregnant and having a baby is a big deal. I understand how exciting and how scary it can be to prepare for the big day and beyond. Prenatal 101 is my gift to every expecting couple. We cover everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know that no one wants to share. Speakers include; Lucy Benayon Childbirth educator, Dr. Shefali Conscious Parenting Coach, mother of 4 and founder of Orange Dot. David Kirsh father of 4, family physician of 20 years. Pat McCarthy Childbirth Educator through Mount Sinai. Sandy Cole registered nurse with over 20 years experience "After the baby comes".

There are no refunds after purchase of packages

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Prenatal Body Prep

Let's prepare your body for the big day and motherhood! Staying active during pregnancy can prevent swelling, sciatica, edema, depression, insomnia and more. This is a very safe workout that prepares the body and mind for labour. We end each session with a meditation that I used during my labour that really worked!

There are no refunds after purchased packages

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Orange Dot Prenatal programs are growing
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Postnatal classes



11:30 Martha Hicks Studio of Ballet


10:00 on Zoom

Let's get out with our little ones and get moving! There is no better time to starts working out once you get the go ahead from your physician. Whether you have a baby who prefers to be held or is content to chill on a playmat, we have two very effective workouts below. Looking forward to rocking your world!

There are no refunds for any purchased packages.

Mommy and Me Bootcamp

Monday & Wednesday

9:00-9:45 AM

Thursday 12:00-12::45

Oooh Baby! Are we going to have a good time. Let's strap on your little ones and get your body moving. We incorporate your baby in all the movements, as well as weights and dynamic stretching.  Broadway Babies activities are also a big part of the program.

There are no refunds for purchsed packages

Postnatal Butt-Kickin'

Monday to Friday


Monday to Friday


There are no refunds for purchased packages

Come try a workout that actually works! This has been proven by the hundreds of women that have spent time training in our infamous Postnatal Butt-Kickin' class. Spending most of my life training to be a professional dancer, I focus on every part of your body in a dynamic and challenging way. The constant mix of cardio, weights, toning and stretching makes for a sexy and strong body.

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Exceeding Your Expectations

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Total Body Conditioning

Let's workout at your pace. This workout is designed to get all the benefits of the Orange Dot Bootcamp' at a lower intensity and pace. We encourage women who have just begun to exercise, those with injuries and women over 50. We tone every inch of your body. Arms, legs, butt, abs etc. Everybody can and should be doing this workout!

 class. Taught by Julie Hinton Green. #y
Pop up class with Rachel Cornejo Dec. 20

Butt-Kickin' For All

Done with the baby stage but not with Orange Dot's workout? Our signature Butt-Kickin' workout guarantees a strong core, long lean muscles, arms and abs of steel and a sculpted butt. We always include stretching and flexibility into each workout. All of our moves are inspired by Ballet and choreographed to music. No formal dance training required.

There are no refunds for purchased packages

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I'm a Mommy!

Wednesdays 1;00-2:30

Enjoy an afternoon of connecting, sharing, laughing and learning with other moms. Classes are hosted by Lucy Benayon, mom of 4. Guest speakers are brought in for the 6 week session. Please call for session dates.

No refunds 




Complete Giraffe Puzzle


 Daddy! Series continues Friday 1-2_30pm
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Baby & Toddler Theatre and Music Classes

Come and be blown away by the energy and unique programming of our signature Baby & Toddler Musical Theatre Programs! Every child will get one-on-one attention as they strive to meet each and every milestone. All our classes are taught by professional musicians, singers and dancers. You will leave every class singing and dancing to the hottest musical theatre numbers. Can't wait to meet you and your little one! Parents, grandparents, and caregivers welcome.

Broadway Babies

Musical Movers

TripleDot Playschool

3 months-7months



Martha Hicks Studio of Ballet

7 months-13 months

14 months-3 years



27 Tresillian Rd



JCC Bathurst and Sheppard



Martha Hicks Studio for Ballet

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July 12, 2025



10:30 Triple Dot 27 Tresillian Rd

11:45 Broadway Babies Martha Hicks


10:00 Triple Dot JCC Bathurst and Sheppard


9:45 Triple Dot Martha Hicks Studio for Ballet

11:30 Bootcamp Martha Hicks Studio for Ballet




On Zoom

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(416) 727-9745

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Happy new year! Wishing you and your families a year full of health and happiness ❤️🙏🏻 #shanatova
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